Executive Coaching is the most effective strategy flows out of identity

Our executive coaching process is a one-to-one development solution customized to a person and business’ core identity. Our proven process uncovers key personal constraints and builds an individualized road map for growth and development.

The Navix Process is built to overcome the top three reasons training alone does not produce exceptional results:

  1. Most training is seen as an event. We recognize that true change and growth is a process not a one-time experience.
  2. Most training has no accountability mechanism. At Navix we know that a person was not created to change alone. Changing behavior is a team sport!
  3. Most training does not develop emotional intelligence. Through learning instruments and The Navix Process we bridge the gap between knowing and doing!

Executive Coaching | Team Productivity Improvement | Leadership Development | Recruiting
Our executive coaching services are confidential and often the key difference between success and a more marginal outcome. We also deliver skill building for teams, emerging leaders development and can help you hire the right people.

Through the Navix Coaching Process our clients experience:

  •  Doing more in less time
  •  Reduction in office drama
  •  Lower turnover
  •  New strategies for people management
  •  Greater personal satisfaction
  •  Better customer relationships
  •  Improved goal-setting and prioritization

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Do any of your employees…

  • Procrastinate?

  • Waste time?

  • Display an poor attitude that affects other team members?

  • Criticize and find fault with everyone and everything?

  • Let personal problems affect their work?

Our innovative process is designed to teach you powerful coaching methods to turn even problem employees into super-productive, motivated winners.

Imagine how much your work group could accomplish if it functioned as one well-organized unit. You’ll learn how to pull everyone together with a shared drive and purpose.

5 Essential Coaching Skills you’ll learn:

  1. Communicating: 10 powerful techniques to break down communication barriers. How to give feedback to both problem employees and top performers. 5 ideas to keep the communication flowing.
  2. Motivating: 4 specific actions that unleash your employees’ personal productivity. Learn how no-cost incentives can create excitement and drive.
  3. Counseling: How to stop problem situations before they’re out of hand. Learn to discern the physiological contract that your employees have with you.
  4. Using Good Judgment: Receive a blueprint for consistently making reliable decisions and 4 specific methods of how to spot every employee’s strengths and weaknesses
  5. Utilizing Available Talent: Proven strategies to pinpoint and emphasize each individual’s signature strengths. How to “handpick” top performers and keep them motivated.