Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are implemented by companies from an amazing array of industries: manufacturers, distributors, software developers and resellers, B2B and B2C focused enterprises, high tech to low tech. They all have two things in common: they sell something, usually through a sales force, and they want to grow and do what they do, but better. Especially today, in a challenging economic environment, achieving that is harder to do.


Today’s dynamic business environment requires flexible budget development with fast, easy revision capabilities. With NavixBudgeting, you can meet your financial planning and budgeting requirements with easy-to-use templates that help you build budgets collaboratively and plan for the future realistically. You can set financial goals for your organization that are closely aligned with specific business objectives and firsthand knowledge of market conditions.


NavixEstimating is possibly the most flexible construction estimating software on the market, our system allows you to instantly create estimates from pre-built assemblies, create unlimited projects and templates, automatically compute calculate pricing of extensions, overhead markups, profit markup, sales tax, total job cost, and much, much more.

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