Consulting Process

Our process is simple. It starts when you contact us and schedule a no-obligation chat about your needs and challenges you face. If our services are a fit, we’ll schedule a visit, create a plan and get to work with your team helping you put it in action.

Visit Details

Client provides requested Info

  • Typically ask owners to write their top 5 personal and professional goals
  • Discuss particular areas client wants to address, improve and change. We are not trying to be politically correct. People hire us for results. If everything is perfect, you don’t need us.
  • Typically these become longer term engagements, but there is nothing to sign.  Everything is based on performance.
2 Day Visit:
  • Discuss challenges and issues
  • Analyze Books (Quickbooks. etc.)
  • Meet with employees individually
  • Meet with the team as a group to create a plan moving forward (pinpoint causes of under-performance, resolve billing issues, pricing, assess their cost structure, sales goals and sales coaching)

Leadership Coaching/Training Process

1. Personal Constraints Analysis: Using Diagnostic tools we uncover the key constraints that are limiting growth. During this debrief we build a personal growth plan. The way you grow your business is to grow yourself

2. Strategy Development: Your strategy flows from your identity. After understanding your identity we build a customized strategy to move your business forward.

3. Team Development: Using our Strategies for Managing Instrument we help you develop coaching plans for each key member of your team. By developing personalized learning plans for each team member we help you get more done in less time

4. Sales Coaching: Utilizing Navix CRM we improve the sales process for your business as we develop your emotional quotient increasing your execution.