Real World Business Impact:

  • Through employing our People Operating Process a large-scale tree operation has reduced turnover by 40%.
  • Our system improved productivity for a leading Real Estate firm to increased revenue by 22%.
  • By creating a high level of openness and dialogue among a top-level executive team reduced overhead by 30%.
  • By developing a focused set of plans for all levels of leadership an regional retail operation doubled their revenue within one year.

We Had Hit a Wall and Were Questioning Whether We Should Even Stay In Business

“We thought we were engaging a CFO for hire, but we got so much more. (Navix) helps us in our coaching and developing our management team. They are able to hold the owner accountable and bring a 3rd party point of view. They are good at knowing the priorities.

They don’t leave and give you a list. The systems hold you accountable. We had hit a wall and were questioning whether we should even stay in business. We were working hard and not going anywhere.

They asked me, am I making the type of money I want to make? Am I able to take the time off I want to take?”

We were in debt and on the verge of disaster. Dickran was able to diagnosis what was truly needed. We initially called Navix because we were in severe financial crisis but he’s helped our management and helped us develop our culture.”

Concerning the CRM Software: “We now have 100 percent transparency in every account. No one has a place to hide and say they did something. Anyone can be familiar with the account. We now all look at the same things. I don’t have to ask if they followed up.”

     Rick Lindsay: Owner, Mowcow: Washington, DC